Never dictated before? Not a problem

When I talk to people about Underline Transcription some of them say ‘oh, I don’t think I’d like recording my voice’, and for the first few times some do find it intimidating. When your work is transcribed, as long as it’s clear, it doesn’t matter what your voice sounds like! Most of the time, we’re so busy listening to the words to ensure that we’ve got it absolutely spot on for you that we don’t ;hear’ your voice. I have one client (she won’t mind me saying, but I’ll mention no names!) who was very nervous of dictating, but after the second time she did it, she told me that she couldn’t live without dictating and having her work transcribed now! She dictates whilst in the office, her car, out and about, her house, everywhere… and often they’re just notes or thoughts that if she doesn’t get out of her head she’ll forget. This way, she’s got everything typed up, sent to her inbox so she can either file away or use as she sees fit. Nothing could be easier for her! If you would like to give dictating a try but are a bit nervous about it, then give me a call and I’ll set your mind at ease. For new clients, we offer a free taster session of any audio up to ten minutes – so why not give it a try?

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