Grievance Procedure Note Taking

So, it’s never fun is it? Having to chair a grievance procedure with either a disgruntled or awkward member of staff can have its challenges and it’s imortant to have the right note taker to pick up on all the salient points, whilst being discrete and unobtrusive. Do you take the notes? It’s hard to take adequate notes when you’re actually chairing the interview. But who do you ask if it’s not you? Is it a manager from another department? is it a member of your HR team? A secretary? Either way, it will be difficult to have impartial note taking from them because they alreadty have preconceived ideas about the person, if not the situation. Also, they’ve got their own jobs and working obligations to be getting on with. The answer could be an external person sitting in with you to take notes for you – that way, you can concentrate on the questions and points that you need to raise and not worry about any bias towards either yourself or the interviewee.

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