Why use a transcription service?

Well, transcription eh? People often ask me what’s the point when they can type it themselves, or they’ve got a secretary for that… I tell them that yes they can type it themse​lves or use their secretary if they want. But what if your secretary is on holiday? What if you simply don’t have the time? What if your secretary is completely overloaded and you need that urgent letter NOW? That is the benefit of transcription – all you do is send it over and you have have it back same day, overnight, weekend, whenever. If your secretary finishes at five and hasn’t finished that statement, we can have it done for you in in your inbox by 9.00am the next morning. That way, you have no limits to when your work can be done. Don’t get me wrong – we’re not trying to replace your secretary, you need them for other essential things in the office! But do they really need to spend all day typing a two hour dictation when they could be doing more important thing? What I usually say to clients is give it a try, and if you don’t like it, don’t use it again. What could it harm to give it a go?​

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